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Macgo Blu-ray Player for Mac Beta Version is Out

About Beta Software

  • Beta software may not be fully debugged, being publicly available for testing only.
  • The beta product may differ significantly from the commercial ones.
  • We, like other vendors, post beta versions of our software to give existing customers a chance to try the new features, comment and report any issues you may encounter.
  • If you are interested in new features and willing to report any issues that may be useful to you, we encourage you to give the beta a try.

Beta Testing Benefits

  • Preview the product before the final product is released.
  • Request extra features.
  • Get priority e-mail and online Skype support.
  • Get one-year registration code for free including one-year upgrade & support. Please use the registration form to be our tester and submit your name & email to us, then we will send the one-year registration code to your email.
  • Enjoy significant discounts on our final lifetime version product.

Steps of Beta Testing

  • Use the above tester registration form to be our one-year user, download and install our beta software.
  • Spend a while getting to know the product and the testing process.
    Send-out bug reports for all errors.
    Send us your suggestions on improving product testing.
    Report on compatibility issues, specifically related to your configuration.
  • Get feedback from us including bug repair and new features.